Rising Phoenix Webcast (Watch the Replay)

DigitalMuscle.com’s exclusive FREE webcast of the Wings of Strength RISING PHOENIX, the World Championships of Women’s Bodybuilding, held in conjunction with the ARIZONA WOMEN’S PRO, an IFBB Professional League sanctioned event featuring women’s pro bikini, figure, fitness and physique competition. FINALS: (Replay) Rising Phoenix Bodybuilding World Championships Rising Phoenix Event Preview (Published 9/3/19) By Ruth Silverman Managing […]


DigitalMuscle.com, the fitness industry’s media hub, is pleased to present this FREE webcast of the RISING PHOENIX, the World Championship of  Women’s Bodybuilding, presented by Wings of Strength!  Held in conjunction with the ARIZONA WOMEN’S PRO, featuring pro fitness, bikini, figure and physique competition – LIVE from the Wild Horse Pass Resort and Casino in Chandler, Arizona.  WATCH REPLAY HERE!! Finals: […]


Media Event Announced:  For the second straight year, The Rising Phoenix Women’s Bodybuilding World Championship, presented by Wings of Strength, will be aired LIVE as part of an exclusive DigitalMuscle.com streaming webcast production.  Held in conjunction with the Arizona Women’s Pro, the day-long event features an all-female lineup of IFBB Professional League Bodybuilding, Fitness, Bikini, […]


DigitalMuscle.com, the fitness industry’s media hub, is pleased to present this exclusive FREE webcast of the WINGS OF STRENGTH RISING PHOENIX, the World Championship of Women’s Bodybuilding, held in conjunction with the ARIZONA WOMEN’S PRO, an IFBB sanctioned event featuring pro bikini, figure and physique competition. Watch the event RIGHT HERE on Saturday September 9th LIVE from the Talking Stick […]

A Rising in the Desert: Reflections on the Rising Phoenix

By: Dan Solomon Editor-In-Chief A quiet suburb of Phoenix, known for its annual ostrich festival and the sprawling Sonoran Desert, the city of Chandler was turned upside down on Saturday when it was invaded by the most well built women on the planet. The people of Chandler fastened their collective seatbelts as their city hosted the 4th edition of […]

Previewing the Rising Phoenix

By Ruth Silverman Managing Editor Expect high drama this Saturday (Sept 8th) when the Wings of Strength production team along with Tim Gardner Productions brings the IFBB Professional League Rising Phoenix Women’s World Bodybuilding Championships to the Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino. Twenty of the world’s best-built female flexers are set to hit the stage, vying […]

Ladies Night in Phoenix! (Event Report)

By Ruth Silverman, Managing Editor Oh, wow. I am so jazzed for the upcoming Olympia weekend after watching the IFBB Wings of Strength Rising Phoenix Women’s World Bodybuilding Championship and the IFBB Arizona Women’s Pro on the free DigitalMuscle.com Livestream on Saturday. For one thing, the Tim Gardner production, now in its third year, is […]

Webcast Archive – DigitalMuscle.com

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Digital Muscle Names Shawn Ray Editor-In-Chief

Bodybuilding legend turned media standout Shawn Ray has been named Editor-In-Chief of Digital Muscle.  Fresh off its exclusive webcast of the 2019 Olympia, DigitalMuscle.com has grown in recent years into a destination for those who follow the world of fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, training, supplementation and an array of fit minded categories. “Since I retired from […]

Digital Muscle Media: Top Stories of The Year!

By Shawn Ray 10- Where’s Phil Heath? Following 9 consecutive Mr. Olympia appearances that included a run of 7 consecutive victories tying Arnold Schwarzenegger and joining Ronnie Coleman along with Lee Haney as the only four men in the history to lay claim to the title that many times, Phil took a deliberate step off the […]

The Mind and The Muscle behind Romania Muscle Fest- Alina Popa

By Shawn Ray Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s hard not to notice what just took place in Bucharest, Romania over the weekend. A Sold Out venue over two consecutive days, a full Amateur & Pro Line-up, 7 IFBB Pro League Pro Card’s handed out and a select few Mr. Olympia 2020 Qualifying […]

What’s New at Digital Muscle?

If you listen closely, the sound you’re hearing is our team here at Digital Muscle catching its breath after a mad sprint to the 2018 finish line!  As we continued to develop our content model over the last 12 months, we spent quite a bit of time positioning Digital Muscle for an epic 2019…with an […]

Romania Muscle Fest Set for Nov 23-25

Wings of Strength, the same production team that brings you many of the year’s biggest U.S. based events, is expanding into Europe later this month with the Inaugural Wings of Strength Romanian Musclefest, an event that pairs professional and amateur divisions under the direction of super-promoter Tim Gardner.  Fans will be treated to IFBB Professional […]

Wings of Strength Acquires Digital Muscle Media

For Immediate Release (October 2018) In a move that signals a shift in the category of bodybuilding and fitness media, WINGS OF STRENGTH has acquired DIGITAL MUSCLE MEDIA, an online media property founded by media insider Dan Solomon.  The deal is part of WINGS OF STRENGTH’s strategy to expand its footprint in the global bodybuilding […]

Do’s and Dont’s of Bikini Posing

By Evina Del Pizzo Do you ever see bikini competitors onstage and think, “I can do that. I just need to lose some weight, tone up, and get a sparkly bikini”? If it were that easy, I might have been successful at year two of my modeling career. You may not realize the value of […]