Mark Wahlberg Launches Supplement Line!


By Dan Solomon

A few years ago I wrote a magazine article about Mark Wahlberg’s burgeoning interest in the business of sports nutrition.  At the time, Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson had just teamed up for PAIN AND GAIN, the outlandishly gruesome story of a Miami personal trainer.  The film paired two of Hollywood’s best-built leading men, grossing nearly 90 million worldwide.  All told, his films have tallied roughly THREE BILLION box-office dollars!

Wahlberg’s fit lifestyle has been well documented, but he recently decided to put his chips on the table when he teamed up with long time supplement industry exec Tom Dowd to form a powerhouse partnership, giving way to the launch of a new line of supplements called Performance Inspired.  Typically I don’t profile supplement companies here at, but I’ve been monitoring Mark and Tom’s All-Natural entry into the category and I really like what I’m seeing.

As he closes in on his 45th birthday, nearly everything Wahlberg touches turns to gold – reason enough to keep a close eye on this latest venture.

Here’s a new video where Wahlberg discusses Performance Inspired Nutrition while giving us a peak at some of his favorite exercises, the ones that have helped build one of Hollywood’s most celebrated physiques.  And please join me in wishing a couple of my favorite guys BIG SUCCESS with their new company.  Mark and Tom are a heck of a team!

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